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Christ Church Weekend Away, September 2018

Christ Church Weekend Away 2018


0_alternativA church is a family- and families spend time together. It is one way that we love each other. There are “normal” together times, and there are “special” together times. So a couple of weeks ago, we had the second Christ Church Düsseldorf weekend away at the Youth Hostel at Reken in the Munsterland. It was a fantastic weekend, and many thanks are due especially to Gunilla, David, and Heike for helping to organize and run it. This post is to give those who were unable to come a taste of what happened, and hopefully to encourage you to come next year.


viewnA church weekend away is really for two things. First of all, it is a time for family. In a church like Christ Church, we are very scattered and aren’t able to see each other much during the week. So this is first of all a time for family- for a Christian family to be together and get to know one another. So we ate and sang and prayed together. On Saturday afternoon we all went for a meal at a restaurant, and then for a walk in some beautiful countryside, finishing at an ice cream shop. In the evening, we had a hilarious quiz night. It was quite simply great fun. tightrope_n


Weekends away are also a time for feeding together- feeding on God’s word. As we saw in our service last week, 1 Peter 2:2 tells us to “long for the pure milk of God’s word”, and the weekend was a time to drink more deeply from the Bible. We were delighted to welcome as our speaker was Kingsley Box, an Australian missionary in Slovenia. Kingsley gave five very helpful talks on the theme “Making Disciples”:

  1. Why make disciples? Jesus is the boss
  2. What is a disciple? Learning Christ
  3. How to make disciples? Persevering prayerful preaching people
  4. Who makes disciples? Every disciple
  5. Where do we make disciples? Everywhere


The recordings of the talk will soon be up on this website, and I would those who couldn’t go to listen to them, and I would urge those who didn’t go to listen to them again. They really were good, and I think that they have set a vision and agenda for Christ Church in the years to come.


It was a great weekend- next year, I hope we can double the numbers who come!