Church Updates


We will be holding Sunday services at Christ Church at 11am although the holding of church services is still subject to restrictions. If you want to join the service, please let us know in advance by email or telephone the Chaplain. Please provide contact details (phone/email) and specify whether you plan to come alone or together with other family members (and how many). Registering in advance is not essential but capacity at Christ Church will be limited and we do not want to have to turn people away. We plan to let people know as soon as we can if the church is already full – please check your emails before leaving home. If you have registered in advance and change your plans, please let us know.

Arriving at church

Please aim to arrive at church by 10.45 to allow time for washing or disinfecting of hands and for any adjustments to the seating plan. The wearing of masks is compulsory. All those attending will have to leave their name and contact details, either by registering in advance or at the door, so that if there is a case of Covid-19, we can warn those present. Please follow the directions of the sidemen who will show you where to sit. Please stay where you are put as otherwise, we will not be able to seat everyone and comply with the regulations on social distancing. Families should arrive and sit together.

During the service

Sadly, we are not allowed to sing during the service, because of the increased risk of spreading the virus. We will say the words of hymns, and listen to music. There will be no Bibles or hymn books in the seats. We will project the order of service as usual but do bring your own Bible with you. Please note that the toilet at the entrance to the church is not in use. The toilets in the church hall will be accessible (via the main hall door).

After the service

At the end of the service, please stay seated until directed to leave by the sidespeople. The will be a collection plate at the back of the church as you go out for gifts to the church. We cannot offer refreshments after the service and access to the hall is restricted. Please help us by keeping to the social distancing rules which mean we cannot meet and chat after the service and children should not be allowed to play together in the garden.