Church Updates

  • Everyone is welcome to worship here, because everyone is welcome to come to Christ. To keep everyone safe, we ask that when you come to a service you show proof of either vaccination, recovery from Covid-19, or a negative Covid-19 test within the previous 24 hours. We hope that this does not exclude those who are not vaccinated from worshipping here- all are welcome.
  • Please register for every service by sending an email or calling 0211 452 759. During the covid pandemic, no more than 70 people are allowed in church, so that we can keep a 1.5M distance between people.
  • Please arrive at church before 11.00am. We are sorry that at the moment we cannot allow anyone into church after 11.10am.
  • Please sterilize your hands before you come into church.
  • Please sit as directed by the welcomers, with two chairs between yourself, and anyone else who is not from the same household.
  • Please wear a mask during the service, covering both mouth and nose. We may sing, but quietly, and with a mask on.
  • Please leave the church as directed by the welcomers, and do not stay inside to talk.
  • Please remember that Jesus is Lord, He is risen from the dead, and we are here to praise Him, listen to His word, and love and encourage one another.