Home groups are currently holding their meetings online.

Home groups offer a safe and pastorally supportive environment to encourage growth in understanding God’s Word, the Bible, for Christian discipleship and getting to know other Church members. Please contact a leader or host below if you would like to know more or visit. Also have a look in our ‘Dates for your Diary’ in the right sidebar for recent changes.

If you are considering the Christian faith and want to know more join us for a taster evening. Come and welcome.

Homegroup Lohausen on Tuesdays @ 19:45 hrs
Phone Wendy and Chris on 0211 418 4119 or email them at north[at]christchurchanglican.de

Homegroup City Central on Wednesdays @ 19:30 hrs
Phone Eunice and Edwin on 0211 1783 3039 or email at citycentral[at]christchurchanglican.de