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Safeguarding Children

Our Policy

The church recognises and values children, young people (anyone under the age of 18) and vulnerable adults as equal partners in the life and ministry of the church. Children are involved in the life of the church, in worship and various activities under the Guidance of a dedicated group of leaders and helpers, who encourage them to explore, discover and live out the Christian Gospel. These adults give time freely and generously so that our children can grow in faith of Jesus Christ.

Our chaplaincy council takes seriously its obligations and its responsibilities to protect and safeguard the welfare of any children, young people or vulnerable adults entrusted to the churches care. Both children and adults need a safe and secure environment in which to work, learn and play. The diocese and chaplain must play their part, together with parents, carers and other agencies in the prevention of child abuse. Our chaplaincy council has appointed Frau Katharina Escher  to be the chaplaincy’s child safeguarding representative to whom any allegations or concerns about abuse should be directed. The nominated person is not normally one of those directly working with children and young people. They will follow the guidelines and procedures for responding to any allegations of abuse.

For more information, please contact the safeguarding officer Katharina Escher.